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Access some of our online learning and assessment resources free of charge.

Take a closer look at eLearning sessions and practice assessments from BPS Assessment with the resources currently available to students, educators and professionals free of charge. 

What's Available?

The following resources are currently free to access:

  • Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (eLearning Session)
  • Drugs in Healthcare and Society (eLearning Session)
  • Blinding - Reducing Bias in Experimental Design (eLearning session)
  • Case Studies in Prescribing - Primary Care (Practice Assessment)

These four eLearning Sessions are available to access 24/7 from our new Learners' Portal.

You will also find PSA Prep on our portal, a brand new collection of free eLearning sessions designed specifically for UK PSA candidates to help them prepare for their exam.

PSA Prep preview

Who Will Benefit?

Medical schools, pharmacy schools and other educators whose students are accessing content remotely or preparing for prescribing exams.

Undergraduate students and industry professionals looking to learn about clinical pharmacology and improve their prescribing skills. 

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists returning to practice and those wishing to refresh their prescribing skills.

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