Hear from the experts: Improving prescribing confidence with the Prescribing Skills Assessment

On Tuesday 5th October, BPS Assessment and the Turkish Pharmacological Society hosted a webinar to examine how prescribing skills should be taught and evaluated in order to improve prescriber confidence and patient safety.


Professor Simon Maxwell, Medical Director of the Prescribing Safety Assessment, was joined by Professor Sinem Ezgi Gülmez and Professor Hakan Orer of Koç University School of Medicine, to discuss the importance of teaching prescribing skills.


The talks in this webinar:

  • Encouraging greater knowledge and skills amongst future prescribers (Professor Simon Maxwell)
  • Rational pharmacotherapy teaching: Groningen revisited (Professor Hakan Orer)
  • Continuous pharmacology training starting from the 3rd year of medical school till graduation (Professor Sinem Ezgi Gülmez)

The recording of this short webinar is available to watch now.

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