Pharmacology Packages

Essential knowledge and skills for students and industry professionals. 

We are pleased to announce a new range of specialised online learning resources, developed in partnership with the British Pharmacological Society to address current skills gaps within the pharmaceutical industry. 

Developed by experts and delivered through our cloud-based knowledge platform, these new packages of eLearning, assessment and workshop content are designed to help both businesses and academic institutions address essential gaps in knowledge and skills.

Easily accessible from anywhere, at any time, our Pharmacology Packages are ideal remote teaching resources for educators all over the world. 

Update: Blinding

We're pleased to share that the first resource to sit within our new Pharmacology Packages is now live!

This new eLearning resource is called Blinding - Reducing Bias In Experimental Design. It sits within the Research Animals package, and is endorsed by NC3Rs.


This resource is aimed at undergraduates on bioscience degrees, and includes:

  • an animation presenting a blinded experiment
  • formative multiple-choice questions on the topic of blinding
  • a literature review task

Blinding - Reducing Bias In Experimental Design is currently free to all. You can access it quickly and easily by signing up for an account with BPS Assessment and heading to the eLearning section.

Sign up for an account to access this free eLearning resource on Blinding

What's Included In Our Pharmacology Packages?

Our new pharmacology packages will feature eLearning, assessments and workshops, and will be valuable additions to many academic courses. They will also help companies address practical skills gaps and support employees' professional and medical development. 

There are three packages currently in development: 

Research animals

This package will address a practical skills gap in research animals. Content will include eLearning, workshops, learning objects and assessments, based around an innovative curriculum on the use of research animals. 

Designed to support educators in teaching, this curriculum is aimed at undergraduate and taught masters degree programmes. 

Experimental design

Applicable to experiments using research animals as well as other experiments, this package will address a common skills gap. 

Independent resources on complicated concepts such as blinding will help supplement existing courses and cement student understanding of this important area of pharmacology.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The content in this package will support existing eLearning resources to address a skills gap widely seen within industry.

We are pleased to announce a comprehensive two-day workshop in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics taking place in early 2021 - please contact us to find out more.