Deprescribing Simulator

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Designed to give prescribers the knowledge and skills they need to tackle problematic polypharmacy and effectively withdraw inappropriate medications.



Realistic clinical cases help prescribers improve skills and apply knowledge in this critical area.


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Written by in practice experts and quality checked through peer review to ensure the highest quality.



Independent learning is quick and easy thanks to instant, data-rich feedback on each answer option.

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About the Deprescribing Simulator

Problematic polypharmacy is also on the rise, in part thanks to an ageing population. In many cases, multiple medications may have been historically prescribed inappropriately, or the intended benefit of the medication is simply not being realised. From antibiotics to antidepressants, and from opioids to sleeping pills, problematic polypharmacy is a pressing issue for today's prescribers.

Deprescribing - the planned withdrawal of ineffective and inappropriate medication - is therefore an essential skill. Both new and experienced prescribers need to be confident in their decision-making, equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully reduce and stop medications that aren’t working or that risk causing harm.

This confidence can be hugely difficult without practice in a clinical setting - and that’s where our Deprescribing Simulator comes in.

The practice assessment questions within the Deprescribing Simulator put learners into realistic clinical situations so that they can test their understanding, confront new challenges, and learn from their errors in a safe setting. 

Our online learning platform is ideal for independent learning. Detailed, data-rich feedback is shared instantly with users to help them build a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand. Prescribing questions, built within our intuitive learning platform, challenge prescribers to identify potentially harmful medications and to make decisions on increasing and decreasing medications. They will better understand approaches to deprescribing by tackling realistic clinical cases - all within a safe practice assessment environment. 

Each clinical question has been written specifically for this Simulator by practising experts, then quality checked through peer review. So you’re getting cutting-edge, purpose-built content that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

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This Simulator is for:


Designed to be simple and familiar to use for doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and more. Following the same format as the Prescribing Skills Assessment, this Simulator helps prescribers to develop their skills in the timely and critical skill of deprescribing.

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This Simulator is for:


Hospitals, surgeries, practices and clinics alike will benefit from giving their employees access to this Deprescribing Simulator.

It's never been more important to tackle problematic polypharmacy and correct historic medication errors, especially in light of an ageing population. Improving prescribing skills in this area will in turn improve patient safety as well as contributing to your team's professional development.

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This Simulator is for:


For educational facilities, the Deprescribing Simulator makes a great addition to your portfolio of educational materials. It follows the same format as the Prescribing Skills Assessment, and it can be offered with instant feedback or managed feedback (withheld and released at a time of your choosing). So it will integrate seamlessly into your curriculum.

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Meet our contributors

Read more about the in practice experts who have worked alongside BPS Assessment to develop the Deprescribing Simulator.

All of our contributors are experts in pharmacology and prescribing, actively working to help improve patient safety.

Professor Simon Maxwell

Simon Maxwell is Professor of Student Learning/Clinical Pharmacology and Director of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics teaching at the University of Edinburgh, where he has been active in developing e-Learning strategies to support education in this area.


Professor Emma Baker

Emma Baker is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and honorary consultant at St George’s, University of London. She leads undergraduate teaching in clinical pharmacology, therapeutics and prescribing and is an author of two leading prescribing textbooks.

Professor Jamie Coleman

Jamie Coleman is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Education within the School of Medicine in the Institute of Clinical Sciences. He is currently Deputy Programme Director of the MBChB programme and Therapeutics Lead for the BDS Dentistry course, as well as many other teaching duties.

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