Prescribing with Precision: How BPS Assessment Elevates International Medical Education Standards

Accurate prescribing is, of course, critical to ensuring patient safety and effective treatment outcomes. But to improve prescribing precision, we first need to improve prescribing education. BPS Assessment is at the forefront of elevating prescribing education standards, partnering with universities and institutions all over the world to deliver high quality learning and assessment resources.


Our flagship product, the Prescribing Skills Assessment, is an online assessment tool for organisations looking to measure and improve prescribing safety and skill. Based on the UK Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA), its questions are suitable from an undergraduate to a professional level.


Developed in close collaboration with leading experts and educators, the Prescribing Skills Assessment is grounded in the realities of clinical practice, ensuring its relevance across diverse healthcare settings. The content can be adapted to suit local education and prescribing practice in different countries, making it a valuable tool for medical and pharmacy schools all over the world.


Our eLearning resources are designed to support learning for the Prescribing Skills Assessment, and are split into two key sections: Prescribing Skills and Clinical Pharmacology. eLearning sessions are accessible anytime, anywhere through our online platform, so students can revisit topics on demand and continually test their knowledge.


Our collaborations with international medical and pharmacy schools have already been instrumental in elevating prescribing education. Some highlights include:


Partnership with Misr International University

Misr International University (MIU) is taking a pioneering step in the Egyptian educational landscape, partnering with BPS Assessment to provide the Prescribing Skills Assessment to their pharmacy students. The students will now have the opportunity to showcase their critical thinking, clinical acumen, and hone their prescribing capabilities. They will navigate specific and realistic clinical scenarios, mirroring the challenges they might encounter in their professional journey. As MIU’s pharmacy students prepare to make history as the first cohort in Egypt to undertake this milestone, we recognise the dedication and commitment of both the institution and its students to advancing their prescribing education.


Gulf Medical University’s Pursuit of Excellence

Gulf Medical University stands as a testament to the transformative power of the Prescribing Skills Assessment. PharmD students at the university embarked on a comprehensive journey of learning and evaluation, aimed at mastering the nuances of safe and effective prescribing. This partnership has set a new benchmark for pharmacy education in the region, and will have a significant impact on patient medication safety and the prescribing capabilities of GMU pharmacy graduates.


Empowering Prescribing Skills in the Middle East

BPS Assessment supported faculty development workshops that took place at Gulf Medical University College of Pharmacy and Saudi German Hospital in the UAE in May 2023. These workshops aimed to weave prescribing skills into the pharmacy curriculum, providing an opportunity for educators to network with experts and participate in demonstration assessments on the BPS Assessment platform.We used our expertise in medical education to offer insights and guidance to attendees, empowering them with innovative tools and resources needed to effectively teach future healthcare professionals about this complex subject. The participation of BPS Assessment in these workshops underscored its ongoing commitment to enhancing healthcare education and patient outcomes in the Middle East, highlighting a significant step forward in promoting safe and effective prescribing practices.

Together, we can elevate international prescribing education standards and improve patient safety. Get in touch today for more information about our learning and assessment products, or find out more about the Prescribing Skills Assessment here.