Platform Licensing

Our cloud-based platform can be licensed so that educators can create their assessments and eLearning. Take advantage of our intuitive interface to write, edit and administer content, delivering it straight to your candidates to enhance their prescribing knowledge and skills. Using a combination of carefully designed technology and an understanding of prescribing training need, we deliver specific solutions to meet teaching needs, including simulated electronic prescriptions and mock assessments for registration exams.

  • Use the authoring console to choose from a variety of question templates and write content tailored to your own curriculum
  • Our question templates allow you to build out your own feedback, giving trainees as much detail as needed for both correct and incorrect answers
  • The prescription writing questions reference our drug bank of over 7000 prescriptions, which is updated regularly in response to new or discontinued drugs
  • Review functionality, enabling tutors to quickly identify underperforming students
  • Automated-marking, minimising admin time and removing the risk of marking errors
  • Accessible for trainees anytime, anywhere and on any device with a simple login
  • The option to purchase questions from our extensive item bank – developed by experts and quality assured through peer review

How Platform Licensing Works

Make use of the authoring console – choose from a range of question templates or create your own – to deliver bespoke content for your trainees that fits your own curriculum. We can also offer consultations with our prescribing education experts so that you can create and deliver the best training possible.

Platform Licensing In Detail

The 8 PSA question styles are in 4 templates: Prescription Writing, Prescription Review, Single Best Answer of 5 and Calculation Skills. In addition, we have built Extended Matching Questions, as used in the GPhC registration exam and we are in the process of developing Very Short Answer questions. Customers who buy access to the platform can create their own question styles within these 5 (soon to be 6) question templates.

Yes. We have an ongoing pipeline of developments and work with all our customers to provide new functionality and improvements. We work with all new customers during the onboarding process to identify areas you’d like to see developed and the requests that are most useful to the largest number of customers will be developed as part of our ongoing programme of improvements.

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The unique value of our platform are the prescription writing and prescription review questions, which aren’t available in any other assessment platform, and are specifically designed to assess prescribing knowledge and skills. However, our customers use our platform for broader assessment needs alongside the prescribing education, and the question styles can be adapted to any theme you need.

Yes, we can provide you with our ready-made formative assessments, and also our higher stakes assessments (including the iPSA), alongside this use of the platform – the two sets of assessments can run alongside each other.

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