CPT Elective

A fully comprehensive two-week course of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, including a pre-course knowledge check and a final formative assessment. Developed by experts, the CPT Elective is delivered through our online platform, making it ideal for remote teaching and learning all over the world. This automated-marking course covers key prescribing topics such as PKPD, medication errors, ADRs and monitoring drug therapies.



  • Automated-marking course minimising teacher admin
  • Developed by experts and quality checked through peer review
  • 15 pre-course knowledge check questions
  • 20 online learning sessions spanning clinical pharmacology and prescribing skills
  • 1 formative assessment to measure learning and demonstrate improvement
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere through our online platform

The CPT Elective Course Structure

The CPT Elective provides a concise, targeted learning experience and demonstrable improvement to students’ understanding of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. It is designed to run for two weeks, and includes a pre-course knowledge check, online learning sessions and a final formative assessment.

Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Drugs in healthcare and society

Individual variability in the response to drugs – Overview

Individual variability in the response to drugs – Pharmacogenetics

Monitoring drug therapy – using drug effect

Monitoring drug therapy – using drug concentration

Adverse Drug Reactions I – Basic principles

Adverse Drug Reactions II – Categorisation

Adverse drug reactions III – drug allergy

Medication errors – frequency and causes

Medication errors – prevention

What's Included In The CPT Elective?

Course content is delivered through our cloud-based knowledge platform, making it easily accessible from anywhere and at any time – ideal for remote teaching and learning. Online learning sessions offer immediate and data-rich feedback to the students on both correct and incorrect answers, minimising teacher admin and marking errors.The CPT Elective has been successfully piloted by Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, USA.

Both the initial 15-item knowledge check and the final 50-item assessment are marked automatically as students complete them. Educators can access student results for both these sections from anywhere, anytime, with a simple online login.

The 20 online learning sessions cover key topics in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, including PKPD, medication errors, adverse drug reactions and monitoring drug therapies. Immediate, comprehensive feedback is available throughout each session in the form of knowledge check quizzes, helping the student to gain a thorough understanding of the reasons their answer is correct or incorrect.

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