Empowering Future Healthcare Professionals: Prescribing Resources for Medical and Foundation Schools

At BPS Assessment, we are committed to enriching the education and practical capabilities of future healthcare professionals through our advanced suite of eLearning and assessment tools. Medical and Foundation schools all over the world are using our high-quality, accessible learning and assessment resources to ensure that their students can prescribe safely and effectively.


Extensive eLearning Resources

Our eLearning courses feature a broad range of modules, carefully developed by prescribing experts and peer-reviewed to ensure the highest quality. These modules are designed to blend seamlessly with traditional classroom learning, offering students the convenience of studying at their own pace, from anywhere, at any time. The content spans essential topics such as drug administration techniques, clinical pharmacology, and medication management, providing a comprehensive education in prescribing practices.


Prescribing Skills Assessment

The Prescribing Skills Assessment is a pioneering online tool designed to assist educational bodies and healthcare organisations in assessing and enhancing prescribing competencies. Based on the UK PSA blueprint, it has been adapted for global use and can be tailored to different regional medical databases. The Prescribing Skills Assessment evaluates essential prescribing competencies and provides immediate, detailed feedback, crucial for learners to identify both their strengths and areas for improvement.


Platform Licensing

BPS Assessment’s cloud-based platform enables educators to design and deliver customised assessments directly to students. Our platform offers an array of question templates with detailed feedback options, incorporates a regularly updated drug bank of over 7000 prescriptions, and features automated marking and review tools to efficiently identify student challenges. Accessible on any device, our intuitive interface enhances prescribing education through expert-developed, peer-reviewed content.


Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT) Elective

Our two-week CPT Elective provides an intensive, expert-developed learning programme, with automated marking that minimises teacher admin. It covers key prescribing topics such as PKPD, medication errors, ADRs and monitoring drug therapies, and includes pre-course assessments and a detailed final assessment so you can measure student progress.


Global Collaboration and Reach

BPS Assessment’s online resources are being used by an ever-expanding network of global partners. We collaborate closely with educational institutions in regions such as Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, North America, and the UK to enhance prescribing practices and reduce medication errors. Our commitment to international collaboration ensures our resources remain cutting-edge and relevant across global healthcare education standards.

If you’d like to request a demonstration of any of our products or talk to us about a free trial, please get in touch. Empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals begins here!