Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT) Elective course 

Self-marking online learning

Written by the experts

The CPT Elective is a two week course designed to help students develop their knowledge in clinical pharmacology and prescribing concepts. 

Written by subject experts and practicing clinicians, BPS Assessment’s CPT Elective course contains 28 E-Learning sessions and a formative assessment. It has been piloted by Geisinger Commonwealth University, USA.

CPT Elective course structure

15 pre-course knowledge check questions

28 online learning sessions

1 formative assessment

The CPT course consists of a pre-course knowledge check and online sessions that provide immediate feedback to students, followed by a formative assessment that can have restricted feedback.

The course is designed to run for two weeks, and course content can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The CPT Elective provides a concise, targeted learning experience and demonstrable improvement to students' understanding of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

Measure progress and save time

Self-marking course minimises teacher admin 

Educators can access student results for the knowledge check and formative assessment sections. A ready made, self-marking resource which adds value to your curriculum with minimal effort.


by experts

Brand new content written by experts

You won’t find this content anywhere else - the CPT Elective course has been created by in practice experts and quality checked through peer review.



Instant assessment and progression tracking

Independent learning is quick and easy thanks to instant, data-rich feedback which is available on all sections of the CPT Elective course.



Flexible online and distance learning

Our digital learning platform is easily accessible anywhere, anytime, with a simple login. Similarly, teachers can access their student's accounts from anywhere to monitor progress.

Written by experts and peer reviewed

We ensure the quality of our CPT Elective course material by working with industry-leading in practice experts.

This material is then peer reviewed and tested to ensure it is accurate, effective and relevant.

Professor Simon Maxwell is the primary writer of our CPT materials.

Professor Simon Maxwell

Simon Maxwell is Professor of Student Learning/Clinical Pharmacology and Director of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics teaching at the University of Edinburgh, where he has been active in developing e-Learning strategies to support education in this area.


CPT Elective course price

CPT Elective course

£ 4,000

/12 months

  • 12 month institutional subscription (with unlimited course runs)
  • Cloud-based access 24/7 
  • Free support Mon-Fri 9-5
  • Instant feedback
  • Administrative roles available

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