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The Prescribing Skills Assessment offers a flexible learning and assessment environment for institutions and organisations looking to measure and improve prescribing safety and skill.

With question items written by expert pharmacologists, pharmacists and clinicians, the Prescribing Skills Assessment is a valid and reliable test of prescribing competency, delivered by BPS Assessment in partnership with local teaching professionals around the world.

It is an ideal resource for students and trainees as well as professionals, including nurses, pharmacists and dentists. 

Over 1,000 questions available

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Prescribing Skills Assessment

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Over 1,000 questions are available across 8 core areas of prescribing skills, from prescription review to drug monitoring. These questions span a range of clinical settings, including General Practice, Paediatrics, Opioids and AMR.

Once the candidate completes all questions within a formative assessment, answer data is stored for download by the educator. Feedback can be withheld and released at the time of choosing.

Practice assessments are also available, meaning that each learner can access answers and detailed, data-rich feedback on demand, allowing for multiple retries.

Prescribing Skills Assessment questions are suitable from undergraduate to professional level. And it's not just prescribing doctors who can benefit - Sections 2-8 are relevant for nurses, pharmacists and dentists too. 

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Realistic clinical cases

Split into 8 distinct skill areas

8 question styles cover all major aspects of the clinical activity undertaken by prescribers, testing skills in specific and realistic clinical scenarios.


by experts

Written by practicing prescribers

Enables healthcare professionals to demonstrate their prescribing skills – across medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and other professions.



Instant assessment

Delivered online as formative or summative assessments, or as continual medical / professional development.



Flexible online and distance learning

Our digital learning platform is easily accessible anywhere, anytime, with a simple login. 

The Prescribing Skills Assessment is a great initiative, one that is sorely needed in Canadian medical schools as well as the UK. We hope to continue to work with the BPS to expand the application of the PSA across Ontario then Canada.

Professor Anne Holbrook, MD, PharmD, MSc, FRCP(C)

Director, Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Department of Medicine, McMaster University

McMaster University


About the Prescribing Skills Assessment

BPS Assessment is a subsidiary of the British Pharmacological Society, providing assessment and E-Learning in medicines prescribing and clinical pharmacology. We help healthcare providers and medical, nursing and pharmacy schools by supporting the teaching of good prescribing practice and the assessment of prescribing knowledge.

BPS Assessment has built a web-based knowledge platform offering a flexible learning and assessment environment for organisations looking to measure and improve prescribing safety and skill. 

With question items written by expert pharmacologists, pharmacists and clinicians, the Prescribing Skills Assessment offers an unparalleled opportunity to test the knowledge and skills of prescribers, from trainees to experienced professionals. Data-rich feedback is provided to learners for optimal, sub-optimal, correct and incorrect answers and the content can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

BPS Assessment are proud to partner with international organisations to customise the Prescribing Skills Assessment for different regions through localisation and translation

The Prescribing Safety Assessment is a mandatory requirement for UK doctors in Foundation Year 1 to pass (if they haven't already passed at medical school). Developed by the British Pharmacological Society and MSC Assessment, it is recognised throughout the world as a reliable indicator of prescribing competence. It is taken as a summative assessment under strict test conditions and learners do not receive feedback. 

The Prescribing Skills Assessment uses the same innovative online platform as the Prescribing Safety Assessment, unlocking the software to learners all over the world and allowing for formative assessments. 

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