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The Prescribing Skills Assessment is a valid and reliable test of prescribing competency, delivered by BPS Assessment in partnership with local teaching professionals around the world.

Over 800 questions available

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Prescribing Skills Assessment

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Over 800 questions are available across 8 core areas of prescribing skills.

Our practice assessments provide answers and feedback for the candidate on demand and allow for multiple retries.

With our formative assessments, once the candidate completes the test, answer data is stored for download by the educator. Feedback can be withheld and released at the time of choosing.

Summative assessments are sat in exam conditions with strict security around the questions; in this scenario, feedback is not released to students.

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Realistic clinical cases

Split into 8 distinct skill areas

8 question styles cover all major aspects of the clinical activity undertaken by prescribers, testing skills in specific and realistic clinical scenarios.


by experts

Written by prescribers for prescribers

Enables healthcare professionals to demonstrate their prescribing skills – across medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and other professions.



Instant assessment

Delivered online as formative or summative assessments, or as continual medical / professional development.



Flexible online and distance learning

Our digital learning platform is easily accessible anywhere, anytime, with a simple login. 

The Prescribing Skills Assessment is a great initiative, one that is sorely needed in Canadian medical schools as well as the UK. We hope to continue to work with the BPS to expand the application of the PSA across Ontario then Canada.

Professor Anne Holbrook, MD, PharmD, MSc, FRCP(C)

Director, Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Department of Medicine, McMaster University

McMaster University


About the Prescribing Skills Assessment

BPS Assessment has a flexible, collaborative approach to working with local educators. This ensures that the Prescribing Skills Assessment builds upon existing capacity, maximises local expertise, and is delivered in a sustainable way.

The Prescribing Skills Assessment is supported by the British Pharmacological Society, which is committed to improving patient care and safety through clinical pharmacology. The Society champions safe and effective prescribing around the world by:

  • Jointly developing a national prescribing assessment in the United Kingdom with the Medical Schools Council
  • Creating online learning facilities for e-Learning for Health, part of the UK Department for Health
  • Publishing ‘How to teach prescribing/pharmacology’ for a worldwide audience – a special issue of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
  • Publishing a core curriculum in clinical pharmacology and prescribing to support medical school teaching
  • Publishing ‘Ten Principles of Good Prescribing’

The British Pharmacological Society and MSC Assessment work together to deliver the Prescribing Safety Assessment in the UK.

Recognised throughout the world as a reliable indicator of prescribing competence, the Prescribing Safety Assessment is a mandatory requirement for UK doctors in Foundation Year 1 to pass the PSA if they have not already done so during the final year at medical school.

Find out more about the Prescribing Safety Assessment here.

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