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BPS Assessment is delighted to bring you the latest, relevant research papers and reports from the British Journal of Pharmacology (BJP) which covers all aspects of experimental pharmacology and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (BJCP) which bridges the gap between the medical profession, clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry

Hospital readmissions, mortality and potentially inappropriate prescribing: a retrospective study of older adults discharged from hospital

David Counter, James W. T. Millar, James S. McLay

09 May 2018
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Reducing potentially inappropriate drug prescribing in nursing home residents: effectiveness of a geriatric intervention

Charléne Cool, Philippe Cestac, Cécile McCambridge, Laure Rouch, Philipe de Souto, Barreto Yves Rolland, Maryse Lapeyre-Mestre

01 April 2018
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Effects of training physicians in electronic prescribing in the outpatient setting on clinical, learning and behavioural outcomes: a cluster randomized trial

David Counter, James W. T. Millar, James S. McLay, F. van Stiphout, J. E. F. Zwart-van Rijkom, J. Versmissen, H. Koffijberg, J. E. C. M. Aarts I. H. van der Sijs, T. van Gelder, R. A. de Man, C. B. Roes, A. C. G. Egberts, E. W. M. T. ter Braak

04 February 2018
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Impact of antimicrobial stewardship programme on hospitalized patients at the intensive care unit: a prospective audit and feedback study

Maher R. Khdour, Hussein O. Hallak, Mamoon A. Aldeyab, Mowaffaq A. Nasif, Aliaa M. Khalili Ahamad A. Dallashi, Mohammad B. Khofash, Michael G. Scott

13 December 2017
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Incidence and cost of medication harm in older adults following hospital discharge: a multicentre prospective study in the UK

Nikesh Parekh, Khalid Ali, Jennifer M. Stevenson, J. Graham Davies, Rebekah Schiff Tischa Van der Cammen, Jatinder Harchowal, James Raftery, Chakravarthi Rajkumar on behalf of the PRIME study group

22 May 2018
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Systematic review of predictive risk models for adverse drug events in hospitalized patients

Nazanin Falconer, Michael Barras, Neil Cottrell

16 January 2018
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Oxycodone-induced tolerance to respiratory depression: reversal by ethanol, pregabalin and protein kinase C inhibition

Rob Hill, William L Dewey, Eamonn Kelly, Graeme Henderson

25 March 2018
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Involvement of CYP1B1 in interferon ?-induced alterations of epithelial barrier integrity

Mireille Alhouayek, Sandra Gouveia-Figueira, Marie-Louise Hammarström, Christopher J Fowler

12 December 2017
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Activity of novel lipid glycine transporter inhibitors on synaptic signalling in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord

Bryony L Winters, Tristan Rawling, Robert J Vandenberg, Macdonald J Christie, Rebecca F Bhola, Wendy L Imlach

02 March 2018
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1,3,6,7-Tetrahydroxy-8-prenylxanthone ameliorates inflammatory responses resulting from the paracrine interaction of adipocytes and macrophages

Bryony L Winters, Tristan Rawling, Robert J Vandenberg, Macdonald J Christie, Rebecca F Bhola, Wendy L Imlach

18 February 2018
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The current state of GPCR-based drug discovery to treat metabolic disease

Kyle W Sloop, Paul J Emmerson, Michael A Statnick, Francis S Willard

02 February 2018
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Antidepressant-like effects of BU10119, a novel buprenorphine analogue with mixed ?/? receptor antagonist properties, in mice

Abdulrahman Almatroudi, Mehrnoosh Ostovar, Christopher P Bailey, Stephen M Husbands, Sarah J Bailey

01 October 2017
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Differential effects of selective agonists of neuromedin U1 and U2 receptors in obese and diabetic mice

Hiroaki Nagai, Tomoko Kaisho, Kotaro Yokoyama, Tomoko Asakawa, Hisashi Fujita, Kouta Matsumiya, Jiro Noguchi, Kazue Tsuchimori, Naoki Nishizawa, Yoko Kanematsu?Yamaki, Katsuko Dote, Hiroshi Inooka, Jun?ichi Sakamoto, Tetsuya Ohtaki, Taiji Asami, Shiro Takekawa

22 October 2017
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Opioid-induced inhibition of the human 5-HT and noradrenaline transporters in vitro: link to clinical reports of serotonin syndro

Anna Rickli, Evangelia Liakoni, Marius C Hoener, Matthias E Liechti

06 December 2017
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Antibiotic-induced dysbiosis of the microbiota impairs gut neuromuscular function in juvenile mice

Valentina Caputi, Ilaria Marsilio, Viviana Filpa, Silvia Cerantola, Genny Orso, Michela Bistoletti, Nicola Paccagnella, Sara De Martin, Monica Montopoli, Stefano Dall\'Acqua, Francesca Crema, Iole-Maria Di Gangi, Francesca Galuppini, Isabella Lante, Sara Bogialli, Massimo Rugge, Patrizia Debetto, Cristina Giaroni, Maria Cecilia Giron

29 July 2017
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The macrolide antibiotic renaissance

George P Dinos

29 June 2017
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The dynamic interaction between pain and opioid misuse

Adrianne R Wilson?Poe

11 June 2017
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Anti-ageing active ingredients from herbs and nutraceuticals used in traditional Chinese medicine: pharmacological mechanisms and implications for drug discovery

Chun-Yan Shen, Jian-Guo Jiang, Li Yang, Da-Wei Wang, Wei Zhu

23 September 2016
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The Warburg effect and drug resistance

Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Mohd Feroz Mohd Omar, Richie Soong

10 January 2016
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Blood-brain and retinal barriers show dissimilar ABC transporter impacts and concealed effect of P-glycoprotein on a novel verapamil influx carrier

Hélène Chapy, Bruno Saubaméa, Nicolas Tournier, Fanchon Bourasset, Francine Behar?Cohen, Xavier Declèves, Jean-Michel Scherrmann, Salvatore Cisternino

27 October 2015
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