Enhance your professional development with a new CPD assessment

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new assessment which has been accredited by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), UK.


Members enrolled on the assessment and Continued Professional Development (CPD) scheme run by RCP, can now sign up for this new resource via the BPS Assessment Learner Portal. Upon completion, there are 6 CPD points on offer for clinicians to add to their RCP CPD diary.


The assessment, which includes 30 prescribing questions, follows the same blueprint as the Prescribing Safety Assessment and tests key competencies expected of medical professionals such as prescribing writing, prescription review, calculations and data interpretation.

We hope that by providing this assessment we can help to improve the prescribing practices and continued learning of healthcare professionals. Many of our existing eLearning and assessments target undergraduates or foundation doctors so it’s great to be able to roll this out for more experienced clinicians as part of a recognised CPD programme.

Rachel Lambert-Forsyth, CEO of the British Pharmacological Society and Managing Director of BPS Assessment


CPD is an essential aspect of being a medical professional. It’s a way of encouraging the ongoing learning and development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are necessary for maintaining competence and delivering safe and effective patient care.


BPS Assessment is pleased to now offer CPD training. Take a look at the RCP accredited assessment here, and get your 6 CPD points now!


Platform Licensing: creating prescribing education that matches your learning outcomes

Prescribing education is an important aspect of modern medical training, but it often means educators need to tailor their lessons to meet the specific requirement of both their students and their organisation’s curricula. We know through talking with our customers that creating engaging content that is both informative and effective can be a time-consuming task.


In this blog, we explore how the BPS Assessment’s online platform can aid in developing prescribing education, and improving prescribing competency among trainees while reducing the time burden on educators.


The challenges of developing prescribing education

Building resources that simulate or replicate prescribing in the real world are very few and far between, not only this, but educators often feel as though they have to go to huge lengths to create robust and engaging resources to help trainees better understand prescribing.

With limited time dedicated to this important area of medical education, students often finish their training with a lack of confidence in their prescribing abilities.


Creating unique prescribing resources with our online platform

Our online platform delivers prescribing eLearning and assessments to students who sign up for an account either independently or through their organisation.


We provide prescription writing questions, which test the students’ therapeutic intention, rather than trying to mimic a specific electronic prescribing system. By doing so, we can create a prescribing learning environment which is suitable for training all prescribers, regardless of the EPS that they go on to use.


Through years of research and development, we’ve established an authoring console which is built into the online platform, giving educators the opportunity to write, edit and administer prescribing resources.


Assessment templates on offer

Our out-of-the-box assessments follow a blueprint which tests 8 fundamental competencies in prescribing. The competencies can be seen in the image below.

Educators can choose to follow the blueprint and use the templates available to create their own assessments, or they also have the option to create their own templates depending on their requirements.


Take advantage of expert consultation

In order to create our database of questions, BPS Assessment works with a team of prescribing experts. As part of a platform licensing, educators have the option to consult with our team to ensure their prescribing resources are testing the right areas for their students while reflecting an accurate representation of what prescribing looks like in the real world.


You can request a demo of the platform to see how platform licensing might work for you and your organisation. Contact team@bspassessment.com