The collaboration between BPS Assessment and the MHRA Safer Medicines in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Consortium has resulted in a brand new eLearning resource for healthcare professionals.

Safe medicines in pregnancy and breastfeeding: a new online assessment

This new online resource is delivered as a 1-hour formative assessment, containing 12 practical case studies about the drug management of common conditions in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Each case is presented in an easy to follow, question-and-answer format, with access to immediate question-by-question feedback and links to further reading and relevant guidelines.


The material has been written and reviewed by content specialists from the MHRA consortium and includes key topics, such as those highlighted by the MHRA in recent patient safety alerts. It is aimed at healthcare professionals wishing to improve their knowledge of safe prescribing in this important area.


The package is delivered using the same technology and layout as the UK Prescribing Safety Assessment which is taken by over 7000 medical students annually and assesses prescribing competencies among those graduating into the UK Foundation Programme.

“The collaboration between BPS Assessment and the MHRA Safer Medicines in Prescribing and Breastfeeding Consortium is a great example of how our eLearning and assessment tools make it possible for subject area specialists to create and review up-to-date, high quality materials which can then be accessed by practitioners at a time and place that suits their needs.

The model could be adapted for use by other organisations and specialist groups to extend their reach by forming a regular part of practitioners’ CPD.”


Dr Lynne Bollington

Editor-In-Chief of BPS Assessment and Lead Consultant on the PSA

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