BPS Assessment Welcomes Misr International University as a Valued Customer

We are thrilled to share some exciting news! Misr International University (MIU) has officially partnered with BPS Assessment in a bid to enhance the skills and capabilities of their pharmacy students. As we embark on this collaborative endeavour, we are delighted to play a significant role in shaping the future of pharmacy education in Egypt.

MIU Prepares Its Pharmacy Students for the Global Prescribing Skills Assessment

In this exciting partnership, MIU is taking a pioneering step in the Egyptian educational landscape. Their pharmacy students are gearing up to embrace a new learning resource in the Prescribing Skills Assessment. As an industry-leading assessment platform, BPS Assessment is honoured to facilitate this critical phase of their educational journey.


The Prescribing Skills Assessment, an exam to assess and improve prescribing competency, is delivered by BPS Assessment to organisations across the globe. It’s designed to evaluate the prescribing skills and knowledge of early career healthcare professionals, based on UK prescribing practices.

Elevating Education Through Realistic Clinical Scenarios

At BPS Assessment, we understand the importance of practical learning. Through our online platform MIU’s pharmacy students will have the opportunity to showcase their critical thinking, clinical acumen, and hone their prescribing capabilities. They will navigate specific and realistic clinical scenarios, mirroring the challenges they might encounter in their professional journey.

A Milestone in Pursuit of Excellence

This partnership signifies not only a significant achievement for MIU but also a proud moment for BPS Assessment. As MIU’s pharmacy students prepare to make history as the first cohort in Egypt to undertake this milestone, we recognize the dedication and commitment of both the institution and its students to advancing their prescribing education.


By taking these important strides towards continuous quality improvement, MIU is building on its existing ACPE international accreditation to provide students with an unparalleled educational experience. BPS Assessment is honoured to be part of this journey and is fully dedicated to supporting MIU in their mission to produce proficient and competent pharmacists, not only regionally but also on a global scale.


To MIU and Beyond!

We extend our warmest welcome to Misr International University in this new partnership. BPS Assessment is excited to work with MIU as they prepare their pharmacy students for success on the international stage. Together, we hope to forge a path of educational excellence and innovation.

Platform Licensing: creating prescribing education that matches your learning outcomes

Prescribing education is an important aspect of modern medical training, but it often means educators need to tailor their lessons to meet the specific requirement of both their students and their organisation’s curricula. We know through talking with our customers that creating engaging content that is both informative and effective can be a time-consuming task.


In this blog, we explore how the BPS Assessment’s online platform can aid in developing prescribing education, and improving prescribing competency among trainees while reducing the time burden on educators.


The challenges of developing prescribing education

Building resources that simulate or replicate prescribing in the real world are very few and far between, not only this, but educators often feel as though they have to go to huge lengths to create robust and engaging resources to help trainees better understand prescribing.

With limited time dedicated to this important area of medical education, students often finish their training with a lack of confidence in their prescribing abilities.


Creating unique prescribing resources with our online platform

Our online platform delivers prescribing eLearning and assessments to students who sign up for an account either independently or through their organisation.


We provide prescription writing questions, which test the students’ therapeutic intention, rather than trying to mimic a specific electronic prescribing system. By doing so, we can create a prescribing learning environment which is suitable for training all prescribers, regardless of the EPS that they go on to use.


Through years of research and development, we’ve established an authoring console which is built into the online platform, giving educators the opportunity to write, edit and administer prescribing resources.


Assessment templates on offer

Our out-of-the-box assessments follow a blueprint which tests 8 fundamental competencies in prescribing. The competencies can be seen in the image below.

Educators can choose to follow the blueprint and use the templates available to create their own assessments, or they also have the option to create their own templates depending on their requirements.


Take advantage of expert consultation

In order to create our database of questions, BPS Assessment works with a team of prescribing experts. As part of a platform licensing, educators have the option to consult with our team to ensure their prescribing resources are testing the right areas for their students while reflecting an accurate representation of what prescribing looks like in the real world.


You can request a demo of the platform to see how platform licensing might work for you and your organisation. Contact team@bspassessment.com

Supporting Prescribing Skills in the Middle East

BPS Assessment will be supporting faculty development workshops being held at Gulf Medical University College of Pharmacy and Saudi German Hospital in the United Arab Emirates. The workshops which are to be held on the 5th and 6th May 2023, are focused on promoting prescribing skills and training for faculty members of the University.


The workshops will focus on integrating prescribing skills into the pharmacy curriculum and will be an opportunity to network with leading experts in the field. Delegates will be given access to the BPSA platform to take part in demonstration prescribing assessments.


BPS Assessment’s expertise in this important area of medical education is being used to provide valuable insights and guidance to those attending the workshop.


Through the use of innovative tools and resources, BPS Assessment is helping to empower these educators with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively train future healthcare professionals in this complex subject matter.


Prof. Simon Maxwell, Professor of Student Learning at the University of Edinburgh and Medical Director at BPS Assessment, said

“I’m excited to be joining my esteemed colleagues at Gulf Medical University and Saudi German Hospital in order to discuss prescribing education best-practice, but also to demonstrate how we have worked together so far to provide better training for clinical trainees. I hope that this partnership will only continue to grow and that other students from across the Middle East are able to benefit from programmes such as those being developed at GMU and SGH.”


BPS Assessment’s participation in this workshop demonstrates its continuing commitment to supporting safe and effective prescribing worldwide, with a view to aiding the progression of healthcare education and the enhancement of patient outcomes in the Middle East.


Manchester improve medical students’ prescribing skills with our online platform

BPS Assessment have worked in partnership with the University of Manchester to develop an electronic prescribing system that empowers medical students to improve their prescribing skills and confidence ahead of their exams.

By integrating our online platform with their in-house learning management system, the team at the University of Manchester have been able to create their own content, tailoring prescribing questions to their curriculum and bringing everything into one easy-to-use online platform.

With this new API, the team at Manchester can now provide the University’s medical students with opportunities to practise electronic prescribing in a safe environment without negative impacts on clinical care. They benefit from automatic marking, remote learning opportunities, and tailored feedback on both correct and incorrect answers.


“The prescribing & medicines safety and eLearning teams have made fantastic progress in collaboration with BPS Assessment. This ground-breaking work paves a new path to successful integration of electronic prescribing into teaching, learning and assessment as our students’ progress through their clinical years. For the first time, we can integrate key skills required for practice in 21st century electronic healthcare directly into our case-based learning throughout our course and do so in a way that is safe, realistic and will be valued by tutors and students.”

Professor Kurt Wilson, Academic Lead for Prescribing and Medicines Safety, University of Manchester


Students on the University of Manchester’s programme will gain valuable hands-on experience of electronic prescribing systems during their clinical years, preparing them for their local medical school assessments and the national PSA exam in their final year.


“I’m excited to see this new, tailored prescribing education content in action at the University of Manchester. Collaborations like this should have a really positive impact on prescribing safety around the country, as more and more newly qualified prescribers enter the workforce having had the opportunity to get realistic hands-on prescribing practice with cases that simulate the challenges they will face in the workplace. Manchester’s medical students are getting a real head start in preparing for their final year assessments, as well as gaining valuable experience of electronic prescribing systems and real-life prescribing challenges. I look forward to seeing more collaborations like this one in the future.”

Professor Simon Maxwell, PSA Medical Director


To find out more about our customisable prescribing assessment and eLearning platform, visit this page or contact the team – we’d be happy to share more information about the work we’ve been doing to bring tailored prescribing education content to medical schools all over the world.

GMU PharmD students complete Prescribing Skills Assessment

We are pleased to share this press release from Gulf Medical University.

Gulf Medical University PharmD students undertake Prescribing Skills training and assessment in pursuit of “Patient Safety”

Pharmacy professionals play a vital role in delivering care and helping patients maintain and improve their health, safety and wellbeing. Patients and the public have a right to be prescribed safe and effective medications. Historically, pharmacist contribution to medication safety was focused on dispensing, Now, their roles have expanded as medication therapy has increased in complexity. While pharmacists have contributed to patient safety over the years as part of their many job-related responsibilities, they now recognize and embrace their unique training, which positions them to greatly impact patient safety through the global evaluation and improvement of medication safety processes.

For the first time in the Middle East region, GMU pharmacy students are undergoing training to enhance medication safety at the individual patient level through medication management skills, monitor outcomes and initiate efforts to mitigate drug-related outcomes that may cause harm. They participated in a yearlong training program during their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) and completed a prescribing skills assessment. This was enabled by an academic collaboration between the British Pharmacological Society Assessment and GMU which resulted in a benchmarking exercise for GMU pharmacy education outcomes including prescribing skills against international standards. 

Dr. Sherief Khalifa, Vice Chancellor for Quality & Global Engagement and Dean College of Pharmacy commented:

“We are proud of our partnership with the British Pharmacological Society Assessment. Through this partnership, our pharmacy graduates are enhancing their prescribing skills which reflects directly on patient medication safety.”

Dr. Sherief Khalifa

Contact the BPS Assessment team for more information on running the Prescribing Skills Assessment within your own institution.



UNSW Medicine delivers successful PSA remote sitting

We’ve been working with institutions all over the world throughout to help them deliver important education to their medical and pharmacy students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, one institution shares their experience of delivering the PSA remotely.

The University of South Wales in Sydney, Australia have been running the Prescribing Skills Assessment as a formative and mandatory assessment for their final year medical students since 2017. This year, the assessment was successfully conducted remotely, with over 280 students completing the exam using their own devices at home or an alternative suitable venue.

“Thank you to the team BPS Assessment Team and UNSW Medicine for enabling medical students to have the opportunity to sit the PSA exam remotely and safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

UNSW Medicine

Read more about the success of their remote sittings below, or contact us for more information on running the Prescribing Skills Assessment in your own institution.



New UK-China partnership to deliver prescribing skills training

London, UK & Beijing, China

A new prescribing skills partnership has been agreed between BPS Assessment Ltd (BPSA) and a Chinese training charity.

BPSA, the assessment and learning business of the British Pharmacological Society, and the Beijing Huatong Guokang Foundation (BHGF), a charity that supports Chinese organisations to organise overseas training, will be delivering a Prescribing Skills Workshop at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, on 16 August 2018. This will form part of the BHGF’s week-long Pharmacy Education Program in the UK.

The background to the workshop is the worldwide challenge of medication errors. The World Health Organization estimates the annual cost of medication errors to be over 42 billion USD, affecting every health system around the world. In the UK, the costs are estimated to be close to £100 million and 1,700 lives lost each year.

Among a number of areas covered by the workshop will be medication errors, adverse drug reactions, polypharmacy, and managing cost pressures. Delegates will sit a short online assessment to test their prescribing skills and receive certification. The workshop will be presented by BPS Assessment’s Medical Director, Professor Simon Maxwell MD PhD FRCP FRCPE FBPhS FHEA.

Ms Chen Ran, Chairwoman of Beijing Huatong Guokang Public Foundation and Director of the International Emergency Management Society Emergency Medical Committee (TEMC), said:

“This is a very timely collaboration given the great need for improved prescribing competency worldwide. Patients’ needs have become more complex and so have the prescribing decisions healthcare professionals face. An exchange of experience and knowledge between Chinese and UK healthcare leaders is to be greatly welcomed.”

Jonathan Brüün, Chief Executive of the British Pharmacological Society and Managing Director of BPS Assessment, said:

“We believe that by improving the knowledge and capabilities of prescribers we can make a significant contribution to reducing risk and improving patient safety. This workshop and its supporting online resources are our contribution to that aim.”