BPS Assessment will be supporting faculty development workshops being held at Gulf Medical University College of Pharmacy and Saudi German Hospital in the United Arab Emirates. The workshops which are to be held on the 5th and 6th May 2023, are focused on promoting prescribing skills and training for faculty members of the University.


The workshops will focus on integrating prescribing skills into the pharmacy curriculum and will be an opportunity to network with leading experts in the field. Delegates will be given access to the BPSA platform to take part in demonstration prescribing assessments.


BPS Assessment’s expertise in this important area of medical education is being used to provide valuable insights and guidance to those attending the workshop.


Through the use of innovative tools and resources, BPS Assessment is helping to empower these educators with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively train future healthcare professionals in this complex subject matter.


Prof. Simon Maxwell, Professor of Student Learning at the University of Edinburgh and Medical Director at BPS Assessment, said

“I’m excited to be joining my esteemed colleagues at Gulf Medical University and Saudi German Hospital in order to discuss prescribing education best-practice, but also to demonstrate how we have worked together so far to provide better training for clinical trainees. I hope that this partnership will only continue to grow and that other students from across the Middle East are able to benefit from programmes such as those being developed at GMU and SGH.”


BPS Assessment’s participation in this workshop demonstrates its continuing commitment to supporting safe and effective prescribing worldwide, with a view to aiding the progression of healthcare education and the enhancement of patient outcomes in the Middle East.


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